March 16-17, 1996
St. Patrick's Day Parade, San Francisco

Including the Last Stop at Pete's Market and the
Wedding of Teri Lynn Parks (Aggie) and Edward Caughie (MLJ)

(as barely remembered by Gracie)

Saturday, March 16, 1996

(photos by Jenny "JD, Happi" Dyke)
It was an untypically sunny day in Humboldt as the bus finally took off at around 9 on Saturday morning. But all the sun couldn't brighten the day of the former owner and an employee of Pete's Market in Eureka.

The bus rolled up to the familiar neon sign, and to our shock and dismay, Pete's was closed! (They
CAN'T be CLOSED!)We saw people inside the store and we looked thru the glass at the former owner, Roger George. (see photo) "We're closed," he said. "Out of business." We implored him to open just for us, so we could honor the long band road trip tradition of stopping off at Pete's to purchase libations or porno. "It's bad luck if we don't!" we cried from outside the store .

(Photo of Pete's Staff with the Marching Lumberjacks)Roger shook his head. We realized that we should capture the moment with film, and asked him to come out to be in a photograph with us. He obliged, remembering that the band had patronized the store on every road trip south for years.

Since this was their very last day to work at the market, Roger decided to let us inside the store after all, (see photo) which was pretty much stripped -- the hotdog machine was gone! (Photo of Pete's inside)A paltry inventory remained, which Roger said the new owner was going to sell off. (The market was to be closed down after that.) He donated a large cardboard beer promotion sign to the band.(Photo of Jason and Julie removing the donated beer sign from Pete's) (photo below shows Charles and Julie removing the donated sign.)

How many years was Pete's in business? "Forever," the former check-out lady said.


(First Piss Break: 10:05 a.m.)




...took place immediately. Thanks to Elise ("Sorry"), St. Patty's goodies were mailed to several people, and displayed proudly. The best object d'art was the autographed picture of Jesus. Amy was in Salt Lake when she met the Saviour himself, and he enthusiastically signed:

To my favorite banda, I've been watching you since 1960-fuckin'-8.
March or die! Love ya babe! Jesus "H" Christ

(Do come see the miracle yourself -- displayed in the band room.)

Eeyore, The Sheep and The Duck were entwined on a noose, a menage a'tois enjoyed by all. "HSU CREW" and "BITE ME" were masking-taped on the side windows. And it was good.

(Bus Surfing to Beach Boys: "Good Vibrations")

Stopping at the woodsy rest stop was certainly stimulating. A fantastic underground metal drainage tunnel exists at the 96.50 mile marker on 101 (Mendo. county). A modest amount of water coming thru the pipe and the fact that one cannot see any light at the end did not prevent folks from running thru it. A seismic concern about the tunnel was later expressed, and it was agreed that it would be a good way to die with your friends and probably make a front page obituary.

LUNCH AT WILLITS (Crotcho Smell, Mickey D's)
Julie the Math Geek swam in the plastic balls at McDonaldland and almost drowned. The overflow she displaced ran into the street. Someone collected two blue balls.


...but it's still round, in the incredible architectural style of 1973. The band bought the to-be married couple Teri Lynn & Ed two bottles by two of the four wineries now represented by Redwood Valley Wineries: Breren Pauli Mendocino Merlot 1993, and Graziano St. Gregory Mendocino Chardonnay 1994. These really were the best in the house. The others we tasted caused some serious facial deformations. We chose the lesser of several evils for the bride and groom.


listening to a vintage 1989 MLJ concert tape that included Serious and Bodacious pic solos.

A Polish Dinner Jacket (aka, ass gasket) was bestowed on the Most Polish, Jenny "Happi" Dyke.

Singing of the "Dukes of Hazard" theme.

Singing of "Lakeport."

Andy ("Pony Boy") told me I was "late seventies." Should I be concerned?

Julie fell asleep by 2 p.m.

And naturally, there are plenty of other stories we can tell ...

But not here.


We rolled into Woodland and ran out to the church at 4:05, just as the couple were "marching" down the aisle! Once they reached the preacher, we were admitted. Becki was deemed "Best Dressed," flaunting her designer T-shirt with "MLJ" (J backwards) spray-painted on it, and mysterious brown spills across the front. Most of us wore Hawaiian shirts. Teri Lynn's beads and satin sparkled back at us, making us feel pretty raunchy. By the end, Becki was crying and we were dying ... to get our hands on the bride and groom and see all our old friends again. I was thrilled to see Erna, Rachel Mayer, Brad, and of course Bookmark and Janna, Gary and Laura, Dave and Jodie, Oom-Pah and Cathy, Brent and Jenn, those couples who met in the band, or who married AGGIES! Thanks a lot, Lara and Erna! And now Ed!

The reception at the Yolo County Fairgrounds was a blast! Meat and potatoes for all, plenty of libations and so many old scrotes and Aggies. One of the highlights was dancing with
Madge. Gary ("Igor") came up to me, gently inquiring of Madge's health, and could he dare risk a dance with her? Madge was obliging, and took turns with several bandos, her dance card certainly full. Teri Lynn and Ed each spun the rigid but adaptable Madge. [We will contact Teri Lynn for photos]

Of course, the bus was parked outside, not too far but not too close, as a refuge and tasting room, thanks to Blaze Baker and his brewing talents.


The band has a history of staying the night with suburban moms and dads, and the Olsons were no exception. Barbara, affectionately called "June" by her daughter Julie, and "Ward," her doting father, were well-prepared to house the band for the night. Mike McClimon, the band's "highest paid trumpet player," and official mature-adult-director, was first to arrive at the Olsons. He warmed them up well enough, and the gang found plenty of tasty green rice crispie treats in response. A piano was discovered, and soon enough, sappy songs emanated. ("The Rose," "Yesterday") Barbara was highly encouraging any of the keyboard ticklers to try her amazing 1916-vintage pump organ, but got no takers. One had to practically be an Olympic athlete to pump fast enough to keep the thing going, since the bellows leaked. Of course, "June" could accomplish this without any fast breathing!


After a pretty good night's sleep (Kim "Sand Liver" Skinner kept me up talking about auditory fascinations) coffee was brewing and pancakes were flipping. Stacie and Mikie McC. had their hair dyed green. As I poured food coloring into Mikie's hair, I was honored to be using his electric green comb to work it in. (Later he sweated so much, the green dye streamed down his face and neck, giving him a "Little Green Man" appearance.) "June" and "Ward" showed us their future yard sale offerings, and Amy bought the fish tank. I wanted the really cool horse saddle with the oak and acorn motif, but "Ward" didn't acknowledge my offer of 10 bucks.


Wait. Wait. Wait some more. Keep waiting. OH! Now it's march. Play, sing, play. Wait. March. Wait. March some more. Play. March again. Wait some more. March. Play, sing, play. March. I love a parade!

A gorgeous day, happy crowds, but not enuf beer. But a great parade, and the judges' stand suddenly materialized, and sloppily we crossed, but with our own special style.

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