Stacey's Famous Jell-O* Recipe

(recommended by Bertha Spewart)

We asked to be guests in Stacey's kitchen one drizzly evening, to witness the creation of her most well-known edible artform: alcohol-infused gelatin dessert. Stacey was more than happy to share her knowledge and expertise. She first shared with us her traditional cooking utensils: a special small stainless steel cooking pot and spoon, both of which she uses without fail each time she makes the recipe. Although a special pot and spoon are not required, she told us, they help strengthen the ritual, and ultimately the end results.

What you'll need:

A small pot (not aluminum)

A large plastic or metal spoon

One large or two small boxes of gelatin dessert (Jell-O brand not required. Stacey recommends the Safeway generic brand, unless you want flavors exclusively by Jell-O brand.)

2 packages of Knox Gelatin

I cup of water

1 cup of hard alcoholic beverage (vodka, tequila (see below), rum, EverClear, etc.)

Plastic container or gelatin mold (Stacey recommends plastic)

Put the water in the pot and bring to boil. Put powdered gelatin dessert and Knox gelatin in a bowl and mix well. Dump gelatin mix in the pot of water and bring back to boil, stirring constantly. When mix froths and expands, remove from heat! Continue to stir mixture. Pour in alcoholic beverage and stir. Immediately pour mixture into plastic container or gelatin mold. For quicker setting, place filled container in freezer. For those of you who are more patient, just place in refrigerator. Once gelatin is set, cut into cubes or remove from mold, and enjoy! Dessert travels well, if kept in an ice chest.

(Photo of Stacey)

Stacey presents a ring of..uh...
Jell-O appendages complete
with whipped cream centre.


[photo of Stacey's Jellojack]

Here is Stacey's JelloJack,
truly her greatest masterpiece to date,
served at the 1998 MLJ Awards Banquet.
(Photo courtesy of Jill Ekema, MLJ Web Archives)

(Photo of Stacie's Rainbro of Fruit Flavors)Stacey's
"Rainbro of Fruit Flavors"

(presented at Band Camp 1997. Photo by Jenny Dyke)

RED RUM: Cherry gelatin dessert with Rum

YELLOW WHISKEY SOUR: Lemon with Whiskey


GREEN MARGARITA: In Lime gelatin dessert, use 2 shots tequila and 2 shots of Rose's Lime Juice.
Add more tequila to make 1 cup or slightly more, to taste!

EVER CLEAR BLUE: Berry blue with Everclear

PURPLE PENIS: Grape with Gin

*Jell-O is a trademark. Use of the name is not meant to imply the company's endorsement of this recipe, or the cook's endorsement of the Jell-O brand.

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