A Good Time Was Had by all

by Tom "Bear" Cantarine
October 12, 1998

Hot Shit God Damn,

I just got back this afternoon (Monday) in So. Cal. Thanks to everyone who made the reunion a success. I had Kick Ass time!

First, I want to let everyone know that I left something valuable to me at the banquet. It was a framed 8 x 10 picture of the 1980 band camp at Patrick's point. I will send the person who returns it to me $20 for their effort. Besides the 55 or so people at band camp that afternoon, the picture also contains Dave Richards and JR, who were a couple of my best friends in the band.

I am also curious what happened to the original slide that this picture was taken from. There was a set of slides that contained old band pictures that should include this slide, and also a second slide almost identical, except you will find a BA where Gordon's head was. I hope it is somewhere in the band's stuff. If the GM's notebooks still exist, you may find it in one of the ones from 1980.

For those of you who don't know, I was the Band Head (GM) in 1980, while Hardon (Gordon) was the Axe. The 1980 band camp was the biggest that we had during my time at Humboldt (1977-1982). In that picture there are about 55 people there. There were quite a few who were not around Saturday when the picture was taken by Stacy Richards (Dave Richard's wife). There were many more who were back in the evening and once the alumni showed up on Saturday night we had over 80 people at that band camp. I would like to know if there were any Band Camps that could top that count?

I believe the success of this band camp was due to being a HOP (Humboldt Orientation Program) counselor during the 1980 summer. I was able to make sure that everyone knew about the band and how to join before school started. I would encourage the current band members to have some people in the HOP. Although the storming of HOP helps to let people see the band, it is even more effective when they can come by and talk to someone in their free time about what the band is all about. I know a lot of good hard core Lumberjacks started at that band camp.

The 1980 was a great band camp, as not only did we get the basics (Beer, Marching, Beer, Play, Beer, Eat, Beer) but we also put together a half time show which was for the next weekend's away game to Davis Sucks. The trip to Davis also had one of the largest bands for an away game. We had over 50 people on the field at Davis. It was the first bus trip in the band's history (as far as I know), so I believe we set the precedence of having a band member drive a school bus for Road Trips. The trip also included marching in a Columbus Day parade in San Francisco on Sunday. I believe that many in this group of people became the hard core lumberjacks that propelled a lot of good thinks to come.

I would like to share a few memories of the times I was there. First, we were the first to attend the Do-Dah parade. I have to correct what Bob said last Saturday night. We attended the 3rd Do-Dah parade, and it was in December of 1979. At that time the Do-Dah parade was just a few days before the Rose Parade, thus the banner that was liberated from the street. We stayed at Pooh-Bear's sister's house in Alhambra. After the parade we went to Orange County and went to Disneyland, and stayed at JR family's home. Disneyland would not let band members in with the Kiss our Axe shirt; so many members had to wear their shirts inside out. We sang Rubber Ducky on Thunder Railroad. A small group stayed and party at empty apartment my parents had on New Year's eve.

One other major accomplishment of 1980 was the Time-Warp show. I would love to know if there are any pictures anywhere of this, as I believed it was one of the best productions we ever did. The lights in the Gym were turned off, and a spotlight, was on the lead singer, then expended to the second singer. With the words "Let's do the time warp again" the lights came on to show a chorus line of dancers in suits and party hats. We had a full rock band in custom and makeup, plus a choreographed dance routine. Even the Davis Sucks band was impress ed by the show.

As you may see, the 1980-year meant a lot to me, so the band camp picture represents a lot of memories. As I did not have a camera during that period of my life (poor student), I lack any personal pictures of that year. I hope someone has this picture and will send it to me soon.

I just wanted give special thanks to Erin and Eddie for a place to stay. To return the favor, I am willing to put the band up for the Doo-Dah parade. I'm about 30 miles from Pasadena, and it's an easy freeway drive from my house. I'm also about 20 miles from Magic Mountain, so if you can use a place to stay, I have a pretty good supply of floor space for you scrotes.

Well, I could go on and on but my mini-vacation is over, and I need to get ready for work tomorrow.

NOTE: Indeed, Bear did hold to his promise and put up the band for this past 1998 Doo-Dah Parade. Thank you, Bear!

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